104 days to go: Reflecting on the End Goal

All ambitions of making it to the Y or even on a jog were dashed as I became winded after vacuuming. I’m itching to be outside, enjoying this weather.

I realized that I had not idenified what marathon I’m running: the 2012 Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. The folks at Runner’s World named this particular Rock and Roll event to be one of the 10 best for first-time marathon runners. The course is relatively flat (hooray Arizona!), and it winds through the heart of Phoenix and finishes in Tempe. Another perk of running a race in the homeland is family members and friends can cheer, which I know that I will need, especially in that last hour.

It hard remembering what the end goal is during the day-to-day checklists. Even when I glance at my mileage calendar, I fail to flip forward to January to see the final target. I stay focused on what must be done that week, that day. While it does help me refocus my energies, I know that I need to put more emphasis on looking at the big picture.

It’s not just about running 26.2 miles. It’s about fulfilling a commitment. It’s about family. It’s about accomplishing goals. It’s about believing in me and what these ol’ legs and heart can do.

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