105 days to go: Illness Invasion

Hello fall and all the glories that tag along: crisp, cool air; multicolored leaves; and the inevitable cold/flu/VIRUS OF DOOM.

I don’t need to be THAT hyperbolic yet. I started feeling less than stellar yesterday afternoon. Fast-forward through some feverish sleep and I am officially sick.

Sickness stress me for numerous reasons. First, no one likes being sick, especially not someone who thrives on activity. Second, I tend to become a bit emotional when I’m sick. I’m fairly confident I have not cried as hard watching this Animal Humane Society commercial since I ended a long-term relationship :

Those commericals make me think that I’m going to end up like this girl:

Refocus. Stressful. Sickness.

Third, I’m running a marathon in 105 days. Now, missing one or two days wouldn’t put me totally off track, but I am concerned about those days after: what if don’t get better? What if I relapse?

I tend to try and jump back into my normal lifestyle too quickly post-illness, which is a something I have tried to work on. I do tend to have a fairly weak immune system (formula baby?) so I shy away from signing up for competitive races in the fall, as I have missed several due my ailing health.

The focus for tonight: get better. If I am feeling up to life tomorrow, I plan on venturing over to the YMCA and jogging a mile or two and perhaps a spin on the bike.

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