96 Days and Counting: When Life Gets in the Way

I did accomplish part of my goals for today. Made it to the Y bright and early and had a good cardio blast on the elliptical coupled with some minimal lifting. I tried to not push too hard still and kept my heart rate and general temperament in check.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to my favorite part of Wednesdays: run club. Alas, I went into the evening thinking I successfully completed an assignment for my law course tomorrow. After speaking with the professor at 5pm, I discovered that I was completely off in my analysis and needed to rework the paper. Lo and behold, life got in my way. Well, graduate school and its many demands.

Tomorrow will be another run day. My current running schedule is quite off, but I need to be ok with that and adapt as it goes along.

Nights like these are ones where I do wish I had a running partner (although I could qualify my friends who participate in run club as somewhat partners). Still, having person to whom you are accountable is a nice benefit. Something to research…

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