86 Days and Counting: Committing to Running Easier Than Committing to Blogging about Running

My dad and faux-ma are in town visiting, which is LONG overdue and a real treat! It’s also perfect since my dad and I are both in marathon training mode, and now we each have a running partner, at least temporarily.

While driving to our running this morning (one of the drawbacks on where I live), my dad commented on my lack of updating this blog. Yes, I am not a good blogger. I’m not sure what it is. I’m great at checking social media, email, and completing other daily tasks. They (not quite sure who the ‘they’ is) say that it takes 30 days to make a habit. This will be day one.

Back to running: I am officially HEALTHY! I feel great. I made it to my first Boot Camp class at the YMCA this past Wednesday, which is really important for me. I tend to have weak hips, and I need to continue strength training (as well as sprinting) to develop those areas. Plus, it’s fun and quite addicting.

We’re on day three of a four day run stretch. We ran 5 miles on Thursday, 3 miles yesterday and 6 miles today. Tomorrow will be our long run of 9 miles. I felt good enough today to clip the last 2 miles at about an 8:45 pace. My fatigue has completely disappeared, and my lungs/sinuses sound great.

The weather is also PERFECT running weather (or walker, if running isn’t your thing). I hope everyone gets out for a jaunt today and takes advantage of what Mother Nature offers.

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