69 Days and Counting: Half-way There

Again, here’s a whopping two weeks that have gone by, but, to be fair, life is incredibly busy. Throw in a new part-time job and a weekend trip to Knoxville, and you get this.

Speaking of Knoxville, I had to squeeze in a 10 mile run last Saturday before the UT/USC football game. Aaron dropped me off in the Sequoya Greenway, which is located in a very fancy neighborhood. Wow, Knoxville really should be called KnoxHILL because it was treacherous. And I thought North Carolina was hilly!

Joke: Those hills went Top Gun on me. They took my breath away.

Ha ha. Upon return to Durham, I have a week/weekend of some great running. This Wednesday marked the last official BullCity Running run club at Fullsteam (thanks winter). I made sure to attend (one: in hopes of achieving my free t-shirt but second: to celebrate the success of the club). A mandatory MPA conference made running on Friday more challenging. I was absolutely exhausted from not returning home until 10pm on Thursday, so I took the opportunity to get an extra hour of sleep Friday morning. I was able to squeeze in a couple of mile on the treadmill at William Peace University.

This weekend’s weather: stunning. Saturday was a bit windy, but not a cloud in the sky. Finished a brisk 7 mile run on Saturday along the American Tobacco Trail on the Durham side. Did not see the Peeping Tom I had read about (whew).

Yesterday, was a bit more daunting: 13 miles. In honor of those who ran half-marathons Sunday as well (there were quite a few), I added one-tenth of a mile on the end. 13.1 miles. 2:14 was my time. Not too shabby. I started off with my first mile at 10:45 and then subsequently ran between a 10:00 – 10:15 minute mile. Boy, was I stiff last night! But, I’m feeling buoyant today. I’m switching to run tomorrow since we have volleyball tonight AND I have some work to get done.

Until then.

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