Wearing workout clothes = oh, it must be time to look at new housing

Outside of finding tempeh at the Kroger and stretching out the IT band on the foam roller, I’m in the midst of another pursuit. Well, I = we (AT and me). There may be some big changes in our lives (I know, like moving in with my two cats could actually be toppled from the number one spot!) and a new home is part of that evolution. After researching for hours via TLC, HGTV, and other home-related shows (House Hunters is a typical guilty favorite), Aaron and I realized something critical: we like the same stuff, at least when it comes to floor plans. Paint colors are a different story.

Aaron loves to research, and he does an excellent job, especially when it’s something exciting. Earlier this year, we ventured out to Chapel Hill/Chatham County to check out Brier Chapel, an up-and-coming neighborhood conveniently located to UNC…and conveniently located to UNC. This is where our theme of “wearing our gym clothes to home tours” initially started.

Then, about two months ago, he introduced me to a neighborhood just a few miles from our current location: Chamberlynne. And yes, once again, we were wearing our gym clothes.


What’s happening, hot stuff?

The day we toured the models available was, I believe, the heaviest day of rainfall in Durham for 2013. We were trapped in the office for 45 minutes AFTER we looked at all the nooks and crannies, and it was still Noah’s Ark conditions outside. Needless to say, the models were all we wanted: open floor plan, optional loft space, optional downstairs study, upstairs laundry room, and fantastic location. Downside = the baseline prices are near where our budget almost tops out. So, back to the research pool we jumped.

Over this past weekend, we drove out to East Durham (I will fully admit: I was against even looking at in this area to start) but quickly fell in love with the Juniper model at Ashton Hall.


Future home?

Of course, we were fully decked out in our running shorts, tech t-shirts, and shoes. Had we worked out? Absolutely not. Although, I would argue that thinking about the steps in purchasing a home is exhausting, a Boot Camp of the mind, if you will.

We will be back out in the hunt this coming weekend, checking out some other developments in the same area. Could we be residents of the 27703? Hard to know. But, what I do know is this: if you don’t like the word “option,” don’t look at a new home. I lost count of my options. Where is the structure?

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  1. I know how you guys feel. This morning I felt like I was on House (Apt.) Hunters. Had three good options, but after some research the most expensive one also looks like the best…hoping I can talk ’em down! Good luck in the search this week!


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