One Week: RunRaleigh

It dawned on me this morning, while viewing my calendar, that I’m running a half-marathon next Sunday. I signed up for the RunRaleigh race just a couple of weeks ago after I ramped up my training early on in preparation of the City of Oaks Half-Marathon. It should be a beautiful run: the course runs along NC State and then we’ll spend a bulk of the race on the surrounding Greenways. You can check out the map here. A hilly course, for sure. Perhaps all those hill sprints Cleve and Chan incorporate into our Bootcamp workouts will finally be put to the test!

The last race I completed was this past spring’s Tobacco Road Half-Marathon, and while I had a great time (finished with chip time 1:56:16), I had some difficulties during the race. I’ve learned NOT to drink one more cup of coffee, even if I’m chilly, right before hitting the starting line. I’d like to finish next Sunday’s race under 1:50:00 and continue to work my pace down for the November race. I heart goals!

ImageIn other pursuits, yesterday proved a BUST for our collective collegiate teams (with the exception of Tennessee). Aaron and I represented Mount Pleasant pride along with about 150-200 other Chippewa fans at the NC State game. Despite sporting a big doughnut for the first half of the game, Central Michigan did score TWO touchdowns in the second half!


And, my Arizona Wildcats could not play defense…or offense…against the Washington Huskies. Typically, I don’t have the stamina to stay up and watch Pac-12 games (kickoff 10:30pm EST?!). Alas, the 7pm airtime did not help the Wildcats (or their fans).

This week’s focus: lots of foam rolling, one more tempo run, one more hill run, and then tapering. And carbs. This is one of the recipes I’ll be trying this week (slow cooker AND local Durhamites!)

Cheezy Butternut Squash Macaroni



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