Where Have You Been All My Life, Acorn Squash?

One of the most unanticipated but welcomed outcomes of this pursuit of plant-based eating is the discovery of foods I passed by the previous 20+ years of life. This would include the acorn squash. In fact, this includes squash, period. I dabbled a bit in the butternut variety a la Trader Joe’s pre-cubed, but I did not have the slightest inclination of how diverse, flavorful, and delicious these fall vegetables could be when prepared well.

Partly due to Aaron traveling again and partly due to my incessant Pinning of new recipes, I went into overdrive this week on the lunch and dinner menus.

In the two hours of dicing, roasting and blending last night, I made another Oh She Glows recipe: Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf. I have such respect for Angela, a woman I only know through blog entries and phenomenal photos, but her graceful nature of pairing foods is remarkable. This dish was a candidate for the Paulson-Todd-Wojack Thanksgiving, and after tasting it last night, I could make the same case (although it does take quite some leg work to bring all the moving parts together):


Look at that! Shredded carrots, onions, celery, raisins – the vegan stuffing. IMAG0957

The actual “loafing” of the dish – some may call this a “Dufner” dish. (No? Really?)


I must have been so excited to take the last two – blurry, McBlurrison (hence why I do NOT tout this as a professional photographer’s blog…for many other reasons well.)

While the loaf baked, I prepped meal number two for the week: Cranberry Walnut Chickpea Salad Sandwich from The Simple Veganista (a new find in my blog pursuits). See a trend in main ingredient? This is what happens when you purchase a bag of walnuts from Costco.


You can’t go wrong with this dish. I ended up eating it over a bed of spinach today but will make an excellent sandwich filling. The photo above is pre-dressing, which knocked my socks off.


Looks a bit like hummus? It’s a combination of tahini, white wine vinegar, Agave syrup (maple-flavored), and a little water. OH MY GOODNESS. This is a powerhouse of flavor and just brought the entire dish together. I didn’t actually take a photo of my lunch today (oh, but you took all these?) I was ravenous today after my first double workout Tuesday, part of my winter maintenance plan.

I’ll share more of this week’s culinary adventures later, including the acorn squash that I roasted…which was the title of the post. How misleading of me. For now, I leave you with one of the most satisfying meals: a simple, toasted hummus and veggie sandwich. There is not much better in life than toasted bread:


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