Now, where was that acorn squash I blabbed about?

After realizing that I failed to include the actual acorn squash recipe that I made during my last post, here it is:


Well, that’s clearly just an acorn squash cut it half. After scouring the Kroger, I was unable to find butternut squash for Black Bean and Butternut Squash Burritos via Oh She Glows. So, a quick substitution gave us: Black Bean and Acorn Squash Burritos. This was, in fact, my first ever acorn squash roasting experiencing.IMAG0965

Hello, beautiful. Threw it in the pan with the onion, garlic, red bell pepper, rice, black beans, spices:


Delicious. I will certainly try this again with butternut squash (I also did not use any vegan cheese, which may be another fun future experiment. I’m still so on the fence about such product).

Of course, I have now pinned 50+ acorn squash recipes in the last week as the winter of roasting continues (roasting vegetables, that is. Let’s be clear.)

Outside of food news, I’m officially on a running regiment break. I did sign up for the Merge Records 25k in March, and I don’t anticipate any longer races prior to then. So, January will be back to training mode, and in the next 1.5 months, I will embrace my already favorite YMCA classes (BootCamp, Cardio Intervals) and add some others (Yoga, PiYo) to the mix to shake it up. I used to practice yoga much more diligently but slipped away from the activity. I will change this today by venturing into my first PiYo class in at least two or three months.

And, with “Wedding Indecision 2013” looming, I’ll need all the mindfulness of yoga one can achieve. Namaste.

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