Getting “Vegucated” and Making Real Wedding Plans

On Sunday, we were slated to do our engagement photo session at a couple of locations in downtown Durham, including one of our favorite outdoor establishments. But, due to the daunting threat of freezing rain, we postponed until this coming Sunday. Was it the icy apocolapyse the meterologists predicted?

No, it never is. Can meterologists be fired?

Regardless, we did manage to lock in a couple of important details for our impending nuptials, including:

The Date:
September 19, 2014 (that is 9/19…in the 919 – what what!)

The Location:

The Cookery (totally aligned with our vision and our love for Durham)

Now, we’re working on the food component (I promised my family that it would not be all vegan – but, would that really be a bad thing?). We have our first tasting next week, so stay tuned!

Speaking of vegan lifestyles, we watched the documentary Vegucated during ice-pocalypse. Friends had suggested this particular take on plant-based eating prior to even us starting our challenge back in mid-July. So, at this point, I was pretty in sync with what Marisa Wolfson focused on: the link between vegan lifestyles and diet and environmental impact. However, I had not, up until this point, delved into the world of factory farming. I will fully admit: organizations like PETA have always made me feel uncomfortable. Part of my response to those who touted the literature at public events was: “I’d rather not think about it” or found myself appalled at the organization for using such horrific images used in their materials rather than at the acts themselves.

Still, Marisa weaved in information that floored me regarding farming, both the large-scale mass production facilities to those who tout themselves as “organic” to even the family farms who are now cutting corners in terms of animal care to turn a profit. It was awful. Besides crying my eyes out, I reflected on my previous desires to want to be ignorant. Of course it’s easier to not think about the things that make our stomachs turn, whether it has to do with people, animals, etc. But, why do we feel that it’s okay for us to not think about it? Shouldn’t we be informed, aware humans, no matter what the topic? Maybe some would disagree. I will say: I don’t plan to eat meat or dairy ever again.

From the recipe box this week, I tried out a couple of new dishes:

The winner was this Roasted Carrot and Red Quinoa Salad via Food & Wine magazine. I felt that the recipe called for A LOT of oil (7 tablespoons total)! I ended up using 2.5 tablespoons: 1.5 with the carrots and red onion and one with the lemon juice with the mixed greens (I used baby arugula).

ImageThe second new dish was one I failed to capture a picture of due to my inability to plate accordingly. For the Acorn Squash Stuff with Wild Rice and Apples via My Whole Food Life, I got greedy and started scraping some of the acorn squash out in order to make room for the wild rice mixture.

Surprise, surprise: my acorn squash shells broke 😦

So, acknowledging all attributions to My Whole Food Life, here is the picture of what it should look like:

ImageI liked this dish more than Aaron. I also threw in some roasted brussel sprouts (I could not resist!). The one change I would make is to serve it HOT: my apples stood up to the reheat today, and I’ll tell you what: I love me some hot apples.

This weekend will involve some adventurous holiday baking and some social time with friends. It has been far too long.

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