Back to running and end of 2013 blogging goal

After running my last half-marathon in November, I essentially hung up my running self for the past month. This is what I intended to do: give myself both a physical and mental break before launching a new plan for 2014. But, I felt the itch (no no, nothing like that) of hitting the pavement, returning to stride. Granted, we run in almost all of the YMCA classes that I take, but it’s not the same. I wanted to go for miles, not just laps/sprints/suicides.

I wussed out yesterday in making it outside to run but laced up for five miles on the treadmill. IT FELT GREAT. I’ll sneak in a couple more runs before the end of the year, maybe even braving the chill for some outdoor jaunts.

Speaking of the end of the year, I’m making a public goal for this blog: I will blog each day, even if it just a sentence or two, for the remainder of 2013. Hold me accountable.

Outside of experiencing running bliss yesterday, I also felt baker’s sorrow. Trying a new vegan gingerbread cookie recipe, I ended up spilling the melted coconut oil all over. ALL OVER. I’m still wiping down the range and floors as more of the gelatinous spill catches my eye. So, I tried winging the recipe, but the dough was far too dry. And so, into the garbage can it went.

Such a waste of money, food, and time.

However, I didn’t give up (and I plan on trying the same recipe later this week so STAY TUNED). I opted for a more simple, raw recipe: Raw Vegan Chocolate Pecan Carmel Cake via Skinny Limits. Pictures to come as I make the glaze before tonight’s holiday party.

Unless I eat all of the dates first. Which, might happen.

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