Mini-Celebrity Feeling for a Morning

On Sunday morning, Aaron and I got to check-off another of those pre-wedding events: engagement photos. Our friend Richard, resident bad-ass photographer/graphic designer/beer aficionado met us at Fullsteam Brewery at 9am, which was the first of our two locations day. Using the word “location” makes it seem oober-fancy. Some of you may wonder: why would you take engagement photos at a brewery?

First response: why not?

Second and more obvious: it’s where we met on a fateful Sunday afternoon. We have also celebrated and experienced several milestones related to Fullsteam: our first fancy dinner as a couple was a Fullsteam beer dinner held at Weathervane in Chapel Hill. For our first Valentine’s Day outing, we sat at Fullsteam’s bar, eating cookies and participating in a fundraising effort. There have been birthday parties, Christmas celebrations (with the holiday gorilla, of course), run clubs, and more.

Photo evidence from our first meeting:

Jennie BdayEpic.

Back to our photo shoot: we spent about two hours in and around Fullsteam, from taking pictures with the Mullet to inside the brewery shots to rocking the Foosball table (another favorite activity of ours). After we wrapped up (CUT! That’s a wrap) there, we ventured over to American Tobacco Campus for those classic Durham shots: brick, exposed beams, gritty. It was fairly cold out at this point and the wind had picked up, so I’m curious to see if my face was able to mask the temperature.


Clearly, above inserted photo is NOT from our photo shoot because it appears to be warm and green (aka not December). This whole area is an incredible transformation of historical structures into functional, beautiful space.

We spent about another hour at ATC, taking some shots with the tower, the tractor, and some water features. We should be seeing the results in a few days, and I cannot WAIT! We are so on target for our “Save the Date” roll-out timeline (yes, it’s a roll-out. We will also have a wedding hashtag. That is who we are.)

One wild thing I did RIGHT before engagement photos (well, on Friday night), was lop off my locks once again (thank you Jennifer Lawrence for your inspiration)

So, I went from this:



To this:1507135_10102447613849122_331484066_n

Life as a celebrity is hard. (Is this where one would add a #yolo?)


One Comment

  1. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR HAIR IN PERSON!! I have nothing but respect for ladies who go short, especially the day before huge milestone photos!! Rock on with your bad self. #AWESOMESAUCE


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