So, what are you going to eat for Christmas?

This question has been posed to me several times over the last week. Through my online blog searches, I am not the first person of non-meat-eating land to be asked this question.

My response thus far: food. Deliciously prepared, wholesome food. Why, what are you eating?

Reflecting on Christmas meals in childhood, meat was definitely a central figure at the table. I recall the presence of ham, the Swedish meatballs in the crockpot, deli turkey for sandwiches. In recent years, Christmas with my dad meant prime rib, fish, and – like any good American – a rotisserie chicken from Costco (we would go right before closing to ensure it was fresh…should I say “fresh”?

This should be the first Christmas sans meat in the house – period. Well, unless Aaron’s mother would like to prepare something for her. I know she has concerns about what food will be available in the home (as quoted from email – “wait, you don’t eat eggs or butter??”), but I think I can win her over with our this piecemeal Christmas Day menu.

I found this Holiday Salad with Apple Cider Cinnamon Vinaigrette via Eat Spin Run: a beautiful blend of sweet, tart, roasted, crisp, and Christmas – because cinnamon = Christmas. (so does Chai).

Holiday-Salad-with-Apple-Cider-Cinnamon-Vinaigrette-5-593x395Photo courtesy of Eat Spin Run (I hope mine looks as beautiful!)

The main entree will be Angela’s (Oh She Glows) Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf – an outstanding, hearty dish that satisfies even the need for “meat like” food on the table. To accompany the loaf, we’ll have some Maple Cinnamon Mashed Sweet Potatoes and then a side of something green: broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts For dessert, that will be determined tomorrow as I take on a morning of baking (I’ve already psyched myself into remembering to pull out any melted coconut oil from the microwave straight out – STRAIGHT OUT – not at a 45 degree angle).

To continue this mouth-watering journey, I want to share one of my new favorite meals, especially on cold days. That is not today in North Carolina. In fact, we have the windows open, and I most definitely ran OUTSIDE in a running skirt today – take that Jack Frost!

Back to food – check it:

Sweet Potato_Lentil_Yeast

Are you thinking: “WHAT IS THAT?” I like to call it: lunch. I actually don’t have a clever name for this combination, but I’ll work on it, since I will want to eat more of said dish. It is simply a sweet potato covered in lentils and then topped with everyone’s favorite: nutritional yeast! I wish I knew about NY before I turned vegan. This stuff is amazing.

The lentils used to cover this tater were from the Snobby Joes recipe via PPK. To me, this dish brought great comfort – the warmth, the umami and the killer sweet potato taste. And, it’s cheap. Another critical component for the 2014 budget (bean burritos again? Yes, thank you house and wedding).

What will be on your Christmas menu for 2013?


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