Snapshots from the Weekend

IMAG1108This is how Friday night went.


Saturday: a morning of cleaning frenzy; a early evening trip to Angier/Fuquay-Varina for a friends’ gathering with a stop to White Rabbit Brewing to fulfill a Living Social gift for Aaron first (the only beer we really liked was the Cheshire Cat Pumpkin – the others were pretty meh); party time = Cards Against Humanity, so therefore, no photos. Ever.




Oh, Mom, did you get home at midnight and feed me? And then I needed to cry at 4:30am? Hey – you are up! Let’s pose in front of the Christmas tree. (That’s a nice looking tree, no? We’re convinced it is fake, or it is secretly a cactus since we have only had to add water once over the last two weeks).




OMG – RIDICULOUS CUTE CAT POSE! (It’s like I can’t help myself. Is there a catogrophy addiction?)




Again, since we were up early, time to get the baking train out of the station. First, time to make another crust for the Raw Vegan Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cake that will be part of our Christmas festivities. So, so simple and so, SO yummy! Thank you, dates, for becoming my new favorite kitchen addition.


Second up: another attempt at the Stress Free Vegan Holiday Gingerbread Cookies that I failed at last week. This time, I had NO spills, no accidents, nada – and the dough was still super dry! So, I improvised and added some additional unsweetened almond milk and molasses. Who doesn’t like a Christmas gingerbread monkey? (I know – I could use some work on my cutting skills – isn’t this when you are supposed to hide said cookies under frosting and decor?)


Success! They turned out a bit more molasses-y than some may care for, and I did use whole-wheat flour in the recipe, which definitely gave it a different flavor profile (!) I’m working on a third dessert recipe that I started today: these No Bake Cranberry Jam Tarts. I’ll finish putting these together tomorrow.

I saw a great article this morning tweeted by @OneGreenPlanet that I will be drawing from in future responses to my lifestyle choices: 10 Questions Ever Plant-Powered Eater Should Know The Answer To.

Would you respond to these in a different way? Are there questions missing from this list that you’ve been asked?

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