12 Days of Christmas Workout


Enjoy this hybrid workout I put together between various other “12 Days of Christmas” routines from YMCA and CrossFit friends!

Note: this is a circuit. Start with the day 1 exercise. Then, go to day 2, repeat day 1. Then, complete day 3, day 2, and day 1, etc. The first day is the only day where the number of reps does not equal the actual day (I thought one jump rope might be a little too easy. If you have access to a track, a substitute for day 1 is one lap).

12 Days of Christmas Workout Challenge

1:  100 jump rope

2:   Tuck & Roll (tuck sit-up, roll over using abs into push-up position; complete a push-up, roll to back and complete tuck sit-up; repeat on other side)

3: Burpees

4: Globe Jumps (that’s four total jumps in one rep: front – to the side – to the back – to the other side)

5: Supermans

6: Squat thrusts

7: V Sit-Ups

8: Box Jumps

9: Tricep dips

10: Kettlebell Swings

11: Squat Jumps

12: Peoplemakers (you may know these as manmakers; this is the PC version. It’s a burpee with weights; on the bottom it’s on push-up; a row with the right arm; push-up; row with the left arm; push-up, then back up standing with weights overhead. And, that is one rep. Eleven more!)

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