Checking In on 2014 Goals/Visions

In the land of accountability, there looms only one figure standing between me and the desired accomplishments set out on January 1 of this year: it’s…me. And, as we all know, as time marches forward, the ability to keep said goals at the forefront of one’s mind will slip away, floating on the breeze of to-do lists, social outings, and the continual progress of looking forward (never backwards).

Thus, in breaking tides and casting a long glance over my proverbial shoulder, I’m checking in for the first half of January:

1) Visit a new state and/or country  – not quite there yet but tickets will be purchased within the next two weeks.

2) Add practicing yoga back into my life. I can proudly say I have completed two yoga practices since January 1st: one at home with Rodney Yee, and the second at my first Durham Yoga Company class with the ever motivating and compassionate Anna.

3) Read, on average, one book a month. I went on what some might call a “binge” for my Amazon Kindle, and I’m currently slurping down Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings, which had sat on my wish list since it came out last year. While the Amazon reviews are not glowing, the novel did get a nod from Time magazine for top books of 2013 (and thus far, it’s brilliantly written and highly engaging – we’ll see how whether or not that continues for the second half.)

4) Take a one-time class, whether for cooking, crafting, etc. Still looking.

5) Take advantage of an evening adventure one night, Monday – Thursday. Yes! I have left the house during those four evenings at least once each of the last two weeks. Our group of girlfriends initiated a culinary tour of restaurants in the Triangle to take place about once a month during the week, so this past Thursday night, we made it to The Palace International in Durham. I ordered the Veggie Karanga and thought it was outstanding. This coming week will be a date night Thursday for Aaron and I as we see the musical “Once” at the Durham Performing Arts Center – SUPER excited as the music and movie several years ago stole my heart.

6) Plant an herb garden. Waiting for the weather to warm up a bit.

7) Attend a festival in North Carolina. Still have the NC Pickle Festival on the calendar for April 2014.

8) Hide the phone! I’m very proud of the conscious efforts I have been putting into this goal. Instead of bringing the phone over to the couch with me at night, I leave it on the pub table (distance, when it comes to said device, has yet to make the heart grow fonder). On Sunday mornings, I leave my phone plugged it upstairs and spend the mornings reading (and catching up on emails/blogs) but without the need to do it from more than one machine. Additionally, I noticed that during social interactions with friends, there is far fewer phones coming into view during our time together than before, which is a welcomed change.

9) Be more responsive to personal emails. Yes! I’ve been attentive in pushing out a quicker response to those who take the time to email. Moreover, I am working on the bad habit of scanning emails and then starring them in order to remind myself to revisit later. Instead, I respond immediately, eradicating the need to procrastinate.

10) Continue to grow in my relationship with Aaron. Minus the fact that he has crushed me in two Skip-Bo games since the start of 2014, we have been enjoying our time together in the evenings (and mornings) more so (in my opinion). Having the mobiles out of the room allows for focused attention and addressing our respective love languages. The continual wedding and honeymoon planning has also allowed opportunities for compromises and negotiations, furthering our commitments to each other as our partners.

11) More foam rolling. Again, I have been intentional about putting my phone down in the morning and refocusing my energies on foam rolling – and it has been successful. My right IT band is my troubled side, and I need to work it out as often as I can in order to counteract the longer runs I’m taking. Foam rolling to begin and end the day just makes the world go ’round.

12) More Farmer’s Market visits. No visits as of yet.

13) See more live music. ‘Does listening to a DJ count? Perhaps not, but I’m scanning the Indy Weekly each Sunday and during the week to see what offerings are happening in our area in case we want to add it to our calendars.

14) More dance parties. In fact, the first dance party of the year happened yesterday. And, to this song:

How are you doing with your goals for 2014?

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