Inspired by Jennie: 10 Things I Like About Myself

I can’t resist the lists.

In honor of her 100th blog post, my friend Jennie gifted us with ten of the 100 things she likes about herself, inspired by another blogger, Daile. Begin your homework: two more amazing bloggers to add to your reading repertoire.

Without further ado, Ms. Jennie and readers, I’ll share my list – with the hope that you will take up the quill and pen your own – whether as a comment or in your own blog post. It’s essentially a chain letter of positive thought, so unlike its 1990s counterparts full of death, disease, and YOU ONLY HAVE 24 HOURS OR NOTHING WILL HAPPEN directives.

1) My pinkie toes on both feet essentially ride on top of my fourth toes. Efficient little extremities.

2) I like to hang my mouth open in photos, especially those around beer:


Image3) I have a great deal of self-motivation, which has allowed me to tackle challenges I thought insurmountable.

4) I have surrounded myself with people who make me: smarter, more compassionate, laugh, and love easily.



Image5) I love that I love to read. And read. And read.

6) My spirit of adventure – whether to new destinations, attempting activities outside of my comfort zone, and even being willing to put my own need for control aside and give faith to someone else.

7) I can making purring sounds with both my tongue and my uvula. Take that, Spanish language trills and cats.

8) I can drop some slick lyrics and beats – has to be on the fly. Can’t think too much about it.

Image9) Oh, I will wear a costume. No just wear it – I will own it.

Image10. I love to give hugs: big, juicy, squeezy-hard hugs.

This is a great exercise for a Monday.

Alright – you’re turn! What 10 things do you like about yourself?


  1. Grrrrrl. Those beer photos makes me SO happy. Also, this: “My pinkie toes on both feet essentially ride on top of my fourth toes.” – me too, almost! Yours might be slightly more ambitious. But I have to ask – did you take ballet as a kid?

    Also, I’m thrilled you started your Monday this way! It brightened my day for sure. Plus, next time I see you, I get to demand a performance consisting entirely of throat trills and impromptu rapping.


    1. Thank you SO much Daile! I am thrilled that Jennie connected me to your fantastic blog, and thanks for helping to spearhead a revolution I will gladly stand behind πŸ™‚


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