2014: What Else Could I Add to the Pursuit Plate?

How many a new job?

Part of the January and February stress index (in fact, a major part) has been the pursuit of a new job. I had not intended to transition away from my current role, as, for the most part, I really enjoy my job. I work for a nonprofit that inspires people to register for organ, eye and tissue donation. I have met incredible people whose lives have been touched by the incredible gift of life. I work for and with one of the most supportive supervisors a person could ask for – one that has allowed me to take risks, add more responsibilities, and bring our outreach to new levels.

But, when an Online Engagement Coordinator position came across one of my listservs, I stopped in my tracks. While I have worn numerous hats in my role as a Program Manager, my favorite hat is communications – online, face-to-face, printed, however. After completing my Master program last year, one of the “dream jobs” I discussed was serving as a Public Information Officer with a local government, nonprofit, etc. While not off the table, this position with the NC League of Conservation Voters will allow me to fuse together my passion for outreach and advocacy in the online realm (and dive into fundraising – an uncharted but desired to explore territory!)

I gave my official notice of resignation on Friday but will continue in my current role until the end of the month. March kicks off our annual DMV Awards program where I will be traversing the great state of North Carolina in my 2007 Corolla, literally traveling from Murphy to Manteo. At the same time, I will begin to educate myself on the NCLCV and what lies ahead there. All of that to say: March is going to be challenging. Not expecting to have time to do a lot of fun things, and that will likely include both cooking and writing blog posts.

Two other perks of the new position – outside of becoming part of a powerful pro-conservation voice – are that I will get to be back in an office setting (goodbye cats!) AND will be working in downtown Raleigh. While the City of Oaks is not on par with a downtown Chi-town or Manhattan, it is still alluring to have the option of walking and obtaining morning coffee, running the streets at lunch, and opening new doors of opportunities and events at night.

Here’s to taking risks, pursuing passions, and growing as a person and professional in a whole new sector of society!


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