So…now what?

New job?

New house?

New relationship status?

The last few weekends, while despite still having much to do, have offered a change of pace compared to the previous 25+ of 2014: a sense of quiet and satisfaction. There is time now – or at least we have the time available – to enjoy our new home. We have yet to plant our first tree (and – at this point in the game – we might put this on the 2015 to-do list), but we have continued to build out our space in other means.

We’ve broken bread with several friends; connected with our neighbors; hung frames on our walls; and tidied up the bins where things have just lived since July.

I hope this new “free time” includes me making a concerted effort to delve back into the world of writing. Since I last left the blogging sphere, I joined a book club with folks from the area. Our first assignment and subsequent discussion was marvelous (we read Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower, which I enjoyed – sci-fi meets religious overtone projection of a post-climate change apocalyptic western US coast). Getting back into literature from a pleasure standpoint (not to mention the other three books that I read during our Honeymoon: Hyperbole and a Half, Dark Places, and And the Mountains Echoed) also ignites the desire to create again. And, not merely the ramblings of “This was my day. It was nice. Maybe I ran?” but deeper, more meaningful (or perhaps how I define meaningful).

While the old flame of prose and pontification continues to burn, I’ll at least share a couple of photos from the day that forever changed my life: September 19.









I’ve missed you.

Dear blog:

What happened? I thought we were doing so well. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, exploring avenues of thought, reflecting on adventures, trials and errors. And then, as suddenly as you came into my life:

we went our separate ways.

How about another go at it? So much has happened since our last encounter: more vegan recipes, another half-marathon, a wedding, a honeymoon, and more travels. Oh, and all of that other day-to-day life “Stuff” that keeps us preoccupied.

Time to slip on that favorite pair of sweats and ease back into the land of not just my perfunctory words and phrases but returning to those put forward by others (far less perfunctory than my own).