The List: Top Ten Destinations to Visit

A few months ago, Aaron and I were inspired to create a list of where in the world (is Carmen San Diego?) we wanted to go – money and time not a hinderance. This project idea arose during an episode of Anthony Bourdian’s “Parts Unknown” – one of the only TV shows we watch.

Aaron crafted the rules: it had to be either a state, city. country, or specific location within one of those (basically, no continents but we did clarify that Australia would be considered a country for this exercise); could include up to five “Honorable Mentions”; and the top ten places needed to be in preference order.

As seriously as studying for final exams, Aaron and I mused, scratched out, and let out gasps of “Of course!” as we each independently selected our places. About 10 minutes later, we revealed our lists to one another.

First, my five honorable mentions:

New Zeland


Vancouver, Canada


Mississippi Delta (ok, I know this isn’t a “country” or “city” but AT let it slide)


And then, the big reveal: the top 10 places I selected on this random day that I want to see before I leave this world:

10) Spain


9) Yellowstone National Park

8) Czech Republic

7) Glacier National Monument (Alaska)

6) Norway

5) Savannah, Georgia

4) Greece


3) Germany

2) Hawaii

1) Ireland


Aaron’s list had some similarities and a couple of ones from left field (Egypt!). Our overlaps were on Ireland, Hawaii, Greece, Alaska, and Spain.

Well, time to pack.

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