Things you are “supposed” to love: music edition

During my travels last week, I tuned into the All Songs Considered podcast celebrating the show’s 16 year “birthday.” The hosts selected one song from each of the 16 years that best encapsulated the year that was in music.

I try to be “cool’ and “hip” (does using those words completely negate me from achieving that status?). But, there are certain musicians that I try and try and try to like because I believe that I should. Either because I drool over other artists who are “similar” or because I have this notion that society does, and if I don’t, there may be something wrong to be. Social pressure is real. No one wants to feel like the odd person out during a conversation on pop culture.

So, I’ve compiled a few musical artists that, based on previous listening history, I should technically love. But, I don’t. It’s not you, musicians, it’s me. Here are a few:


Her quirky voice, poignant lyrics, and fusion of sounds align with my musical tastes. I’ve tried hard to swallow down her songs, and they all end up getting stuck. I feel like I’m wearing a wool sweater, and the itching begins. And all I want to do is rip that sweater off.


A band that always creeps onto top lists of decades. Granted, I haven’t listened to their latest release (the aptly titled Star Wars). But I have a distinct memory of driving back from a work trip, and the only cd that my boss had that who I knew the artist was Wilco. Filled with hope of falling in love with their winding path of musical sounds, I ended up being castigated and told I was no longer allowed to pick the music. And we cut off the CD halfway through.

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams covered all of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album – which is the closest I’ve come to really saying “Yes, I’m a Ryan Adams fan!” And, the song “New York New York.” That’s about it. My lack of lust for Mr. Adams is harder to quantify. It’s one of those: “He just doesn’t move me” answers.

Let’s do one more…


I realize there might be friends who will be appalled with me. I can say that I have tried to be a Radiohead fan. Throughout college, I collected their music (often through LAN parties – now there’s a fun factoid of my past!) and would turn it on (streaming through Windows Player – word). I didn’t feel the click that I desperately wanted to. Radiohead is a band that I will attempt to re-connect with at this point in my life. We’ll see what happens…

Are there musical artists that you feel you should be a bigger fan of based on either your listening habits or social pressures?


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