Trains and why I can’t stop listening to Hamilton

In a rare treat, I was able to take a later morning class at The 360 Approach yesterday AND ran into Barb, one of my idols in the Triangle workout scene. In a not so subtle way, she mentioned that I had not written in this blog in a while.

Duly noted, Barb.

This Friday I’m feeling a little extra-giddy as I just cruised into Greensboro from Durham on the train. Does hearing the train whistle strike a chord with you too? My train experience is still fairly limited, but there is something about the experience that gives me a bit of a rush. Exhilaration. No stressful driving on I-40. And now with WiFi on the trains here, there’s no excuse to not get things done during travels.

I had the opportunity to be a part of Aaron’s first train experience as we embarked from Portland to Seattle on our Honeymoon via Amtrak. [Edit: Aaron just texted me than my memory is not as sharp as it once was. This was our first train adventure together, which had been on a shared bucket list.]


The Todds on a train – alliterative love at its best

Did you watch the Grammy’s on Monday night? Most likely not, and I wouldn’t blame you. Award shows tend to be a parade of privilege and superficiality. However, the Grammy’s model of showcasing musicians over the actual award presentations is one reason that we tend to tune in year after year.

It started off fairly bland – Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith – the latter performance reflecting a Barbie and Ken duet of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Now, I didn’t make it through the last hour (10pm? Are you serious?) but the top two performances that I had the chance to watch: Kendrick Lamar and Hamilton. Yes, the Broadway cast of Hamilton performed the song “Alexander Hamilton” live via satellite.

Between my NPR podcasts and various other sources, I was already a fan of Hamilton. But, finally seeing a song performed live awakened something inside me. Since Monday night, I have been binging on the soundtrack. The lyrics are with me when falling asleep and waking up. The creative genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda is almost impossible to comprehend. How?

From the archives, I recommend watching the CBS Sunday morning spot on Miranda and the origins of the musical:

Whether you buy the album, stream it, however you can acquire it: listen to it. Top to bottom. History nerds. Musical buffs. Hip hop fans. You will be blown away by the lyrics, melodies, vocal performances.

What I have on repeat right now:

  • “Satisfied”
  • “Wait For It”
  • “Non-Stop”
  • “Burn”

Now, getting a ticket to it is a whole different matter. Aaron and I are banking on the 2017-2018 tour.

Do you consider yourself a fan of musicals? Why or why not?






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