Finding the will

Sitting here this morning, I can hear the wind whipping outside, casting an ominous tone for the nine mile run marked on my calendar. Tis the season of marathon training once again. It “officially” kicked off last Sunday amid my carefully scheduled 16 week plan to tackle the hills of Knoxville in March.

As much as I enjoy the physical aspects of running, I can (and do) still struggle to clear the mental hurdles. With a headache scratching the surface of my brain, I have much stronger desires to crawl to the couch, flanked by cats, than hear the crunching of leaves underfoot

Alas, I’ll fight through this lack of motivation. Whether through guilt or grit, I’ll make it outside, knocking off this task like most others.


54 Days and Counting: Breaking Limits

Sunday I ventured on (yet again) my longest run to date: 17 miles. I had a nagging pain in my right toe for the first three miles, which troubled me greatly. I had felt it on my Saturday run as well but chalked it up to either a pinched nerve or stepping the wrong way.

But, I am a little fearful it’s something more, so I’m trying to incorporate more rest into this week’s training period. I also was (and still am but muted) incredibly sore after the run. Dad thought it had to do with limited hydration — I agree. Yesterday, I rode for 40 minutes on the exercise bike, and today I’m taking a complete rest. My feet are also quite cramped and achy. Is this what I have to look forward to getting older?

I’ll run 6 and 4 miles respectively on Wednesday and Thursday and then complete an 8 and 12 mile run over the holiday weekend. I see the 20 mile run looming ahead. Yet, that’s it. That will be the longest. It’s hard to believe I’ve come this far in my training.

I’m reading more up on turf toe, which may be exactly what is happening in my right foot. It makes me sound like such a professional athlete!